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Pet And Master: pet and master is a series of story's about characters from kingdom hearts,gaiaonline and final fantasy the first pet and master start's out with only kairi namine rex and wind and later in the series snow and rinoa who are both from final fantasy come in.rex and wind who are both from gaia they are inari foxes rex is a nine tailed fox wind is a white fox and snow who shows up in pet and master 4 and 5 is the blue inari fox. the storys have a number of problems threw the series such as romance friendship and family problems there are now 5 pet and master story's witch i have wrote that are now on gaia, and facebook they where first wrote on gaia then as the series got more poplar they where posted on the other websites and i got pet and master 6 done c: this is the 1st the 2nd this is the 3rd this is the 4th this is the 5th and here's the link the pet and master website.

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Write a description about your topic. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it. Pet And Master is crossover series from the games kingdom heats,gaiaonline and final fantasy rex and wind are from gaiaonline and are sister's in the story's kairi and namine are from kingdomhearts and snow and rinoa are from final fantasy the story starts off when kairi and namine go to the pet shop to get foxes while looking at the litter of puppys namine nocites a white pup with purple eyes and names her wind ,kairi see's the only nine tailed fox of the litter who has pretty orange eyes and names her rexie and then later in the story nick names her rexie pie then as the series continue's the character's face new challenge's threw out the storys that has to do with family, romance and friendship problems' and meeting new freinds and faceing bad characters and going threw bad times the storys all have a very interesting plot to them.

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